Who is PixelGraphix?

Photo by Natalie Hays

PixelGraphix, first and foremost is Carolynne Smith, who has fifteen years professional design experience and over two decades of horse industry experience. She’s the person in the photo who was lucky enough to be gifted with the handsome and inquisitive steed named Pixel.

And who is Carolynne Smith? Someone who has been fortunate enough to combine both her passions – horses and design – into one business. Someone who is dedicated to producing a quality product for her clients. Someone who has an uncompromising eye for detail. Someone who understands the value beautiful and functional design brings to a business – be it a sole proprietorship or an international corporation.


While Carolynne’s focus is on the niche market of the equine industry, she is hardly limited to working only in that field. She welcomes any graphic projects and enjoys creating unique design solutions for all types of businesses.


PixelGraphix also occasionally utilizes the skills of select copywriters, marketers, programmers, and SEO specialists to provide a complete package to those clients who require more comprehensive services. Their invaluable expertise augments Carolynne’s graphic design talents.


When Carolynne is not creating fabulous designs for clients, she trains Pixel in dressage at the FEI levels and spends time with her two devoted Australian Cattle Dogs, Panda and Sarge.

Why Choose PixelGraphix?

For fifteen years, PixelGraphix has designed everything from web ads to websites and business cards to print publications for nearly 200 clients, and has also helped dozens of those clients stand out in a crowded marketplace with beautiful, memorable, bespoke branding solutions created uniquely for them.

PixelGraphix’s designs have been called the best in the industry. Bold use of color, interesting layout, and creative typography has earned praise not only from colleagues, but from clients, and clients of clients as well. In 2013, it was a great honor to be recognized by the United States Dressage Federation and featured in the “Behind the Scenes” section of their publication, USDF Connections.


To achieve these ends, we concentrate less on what is trending and more on the tried-and-true, classic design principles of alignment, repetition, contrast, proximity, and balance. Adherence to these high standards means that, even after several years, the designs don’t look dated or out of style. We value giving our clients a quality product that withstands the test of time and lends an air of professionalism that their potential customers will associate with their business.


Ultimately, if you are looking to make a serious investment in your business and want to work with someone who is devoted to carefully crafting designs that you love,  that truly represent your company , and –  more importantly – contribute to your success, you should choose PixelGraphix.

If you like what you see and share a similar philosophy we’d love to hear from you.